Kate (Safe Haven Wolves Book 3), by Sherry Foster

They call her a guest.
She knows she’s a prisoner.

With females being so scarce some feel they should be collected and parceled out to males who deserve them. Others think they should be protected and given the choice of who they will call mate.

Kate watched as her guardians were murdered. The killers don’t know she saw them. Claiming to rescue her they take her to a guarded location. They made one serious error, Kate isn’t what she seems. She is so much more.

The only thing saving her from an unwelcome mating bond is her scent. The rogues believe her to be still underage. She isn’t.

Now, in a desperate race against time, Kate must find a way to free herself and the others before anyone finds out her secret. She will have all the help she needs – if they can only locate her.

But one male could change everything when he stumbles upon the prison where Kate is being held. Will he go for help or listen to his wolf and go for his mate he feels inside the prison? And what will he do when if he finds out her true nature?

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