The Program comes for us all!

I recently had the very great pleasure to work with Ivan Mirko Senjanovic (known as IMS) on his podcast The Program. He describes it as, “a historical podcast set in a future in which Money, State, and God became fused into a single entity called the Program. Each episode is a self-contained story focusing on ordinary people inhabiting this extraordinary world. And for them, it is not this future that is terrifying – it is our present.” I describe it as awesome.

I got to voice one of my favourite styles of character: AI. There is something compelling to me about voicing characters that are not quite human. It enables an actor to comment on the human condition from an all-seeing perspective. I wonder sometimes if my understated irony (honestly earned from my British and Canadian heritage) finds its truest home in the world of AI. GladOS, for example, is one of my favourite all-time characters and has been an inspiration for me when I work tech.

Currently, I’m swamped with audiobook deadlines. I recently upgraded my lappy, and it’s no longer compatible with Audacity, so I have to record with Audition, export to wav, import to Audacity to edit (because >45 hate learn new software) and then export it for ACX. Somewhere in that process, one tiny setting got altered and I didn’t realize it until AFTER one of my books spent 3 weeks in ACX’s quality control. GAH! Soooooo, that book’s retail release is still delayed…

Directing live theatre over the internet is cray-cray!

Fun and games continue as I’m directing a beautiful, piercing, quick comedy/drama called 30 Minutes to Charlie by Nick Zagone for Theatre in the Country. We’re all in different homes, connecting with various streaming/meeting services and my wunderkind son is patching all the crazy together into one beautiful, seamless piece that, hopefully, will be easy for people to click on to watch. my actors, GabrielMatthewAshlyn, and June, have all been wonderfully patient with the crazy process, and I’m incredibly grateful. And totally don’t mind the confusing and angsty dreams. Not a bit. You know, those dreams where someone is supposed to be on stage, but they only just saw the script for the first time and no one really knows what scene we’re on? Those dreams.

But now, all I wanna do is go out on the river! Did you know spring run-off is freezing cold and really fast? I did.

OC-1 and Kayak, begging to be used
OC-1 and Kayak, begging to be used
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