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Took a mini-break to Tofino just before second lockdown.

I’m so pleased when producers I have worked with in the past reach out to see if we can develop more projects together. The referral business is truly where I get most of my work.

SLIXER is a company I have acted, improved, and hosted with for a few years, and now, one of their international partners, Wildgoose, is looking for freelancers to take on hosting and event planning to alleviate some of their backlog of events. Virtual gigs are what’s hot right now! I’m very excited to up my producer game and take on new responsibilities.

Veda setting up a shot.

In other news, my son Veda has been the DOP and director for theatrical videos, music videos and documentary-style shorts this year. He’s getting a lot of attention from the Lower Mainland producers as well, which means a ton of work and editing that falls outside of his already pretty packed fine arts school year. Because he doesn’t drive yet and benefits from having a ready made film crew in his bubble (his dad on boom, me on steady cam), I’m making even more connections. I’m hoping that I can bring a couple of like-minded producers together to develop a scalable virtual/live hybrid, small-cast musical which amplifies underrepresented voices in our community.

How’s that for a sentence that reflects our times?

a Regency Romance

I’ve got a couple of new audiobooks, Proper Attire and Catacombs, that have managed to make it through Audible’s incredible backlog and into the marketplace. I’ve been working steadily (about a book or two a month) and outpacing the QA department, so it’s possible the New Year will see a sudden flood of new releases! I’ve got a couple or four authors I hold close to my heart whose multi-book series are keeping me recording and editing full time, but I’m also managing to squeeze in a heart project of my own.

My dear dance team / university friend Natalia Lam recently illustrated one of my all time favourite books of my youth, Emily of New Moon, by L M Montgomery. I asked her to do this so that I could have a book to narrate and put up on Audible, and she very kindly accepted my proposal! Her lovely copy should be available for sale far before mine comes to fruition, based on current ACX turn-around, but it is lovely to have “work dessert” to look forward to in the work day.

It’s all about bringing your a-game to every project you work on. People talk, and you benefit when the experience of you they are sharing with others reflects your professionalism, passion and artistry (sorry the last didn’t keep with the alliteration I had going–“poetry” sounded too cheesy for that sentence!).

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